DEEKS // drums
NARSTY // bass, vox
BXB // guitar, vox
SMZNO // vox


Despite the flippant quality of their name-sake, Fake Hooker are sincere with their bullshit. The Bushwick four piece crush punk riffs into a bombastic take on how hip-hop can grease the wheels of hardcore music: The country-spunk dialogue of frontman Smzno’s screech-littered oration has a debauched pair of legs that breakdance to the breakneck rhythms, which thunder between syncopation and disarray. 

A band of artists, fathers and miscreants, FH bookends the underbelly of everything PUNK in BK. The live show overflows with beer-seethed pits that vibrate with a joyous disregard for classification. 

Manifesting with DIY grit, the band’s self-titled full length was released independently in 2013 and is followed by 2015’s 7-inch EP, Flaws Of The Buddy System.

Now coming out in January 2016 – Split 7″ with BURIED CITIES